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A subdivision of iTech Automotives Limited


i-Tech Automotive Limited is an automobile company, incorporated on 18 November 2010, offering high-quality automotive services, especially for hybrid and electrical vehicles in Auckland that embraces the Hybrid Experts concept as a core philosophy.

Founded by CEO Mr Nalin Senanayake, an automotive technician/expert with more than 15 years’ experience in the automobile industry, who envisioned a dynamic workshop established on servicing clients with professionalism, thus setting a place where every technician strives to achieve the best results for each client. Our objective is to provide an honest and trustworthy service for all repairs on automotive services and give a personalised service to each customer. Through a strong partnership with i-Tech, your business will be able to leverage with our service and will be able to keep your vehicle in top quality condition.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Hybrid and EV car service centre, i-Tech Automotive Ltd provides a wide range of EV and HV car services, including hybrid battery re-charge, repair, new cells replacement, brand new battery replacement, and all HV and EV related mechanical and electrical repairs.

At i-Tech Automotive we use high-tech and sophisticated equipment to scan, diagnose and rebuild our hybrid batteries. Every battery pack we rebuild is tested and carefully assembled in-house by our highly trained hybrid technicians. We use only the best quality cell modules in our battery packs, and each pack is carefully balanced and matched.

i-Tech Automotive offers a guaranteed service according to manufacturer’s specifications with an affordable price for everyone. Special price structures are available for taxis and commercial vehicles. Contact us for more information.


Eco-conscious drivers are buying hybrid cars and other fuel-efficient vehicles for their lower emissions. The combination of a smaller gasoline engine for power, an electric motor for fuel economy and the promise of so-called green driving, have proven to be successful incentives for consumers looking to save money on fuel and do their part to help out the environment.